Monday, September 20, 2010

No Turning Back

I'm really looking forward to this year's GYC. I believe it's going to be an amazing experience, and one that will motivate me to a "no-turning-back" level of commitment. GYC is a movement, not just a conference, and so I expect that this year's conference won't be a repeat of last year's conference, as wonderful as last year was. This year's conference is going to go to a new level, and things will never be the same. No turning back...


2010 GYC Promo V2 from Brandon Mascarenas on Vimeo.

Monday, September 6, 2010

PC vs. Mac

Note: you might think from the title that this will be a post describing how I think Macs are better than PCs. This is not the case. I do like my iMac better than any Windows PC I've ever used - in fact, I'm exceptionally happy with it! But in this post, I'd rather not engage in fruitless debates regarding Windows vs. Mac. I'd like to convey a more elevated point.


I recently purchased a new computer. This computer is amazing! In less space than I would have dreamed possible, the designers crammed a massive quad-core processor, advanced 3D graphics, and a terabyte of hard drive capacity, not to mention a screen with over 3.5 million pixels. And all of this, within the confines of a 27 inch widescreen monitor - there's no tower to take up additional space. The operating system is another wonder. It speeds up the simplest tasks, in ways I didn't expect. It's faster, more reliable, and more powerful. This computer was made by a company known for thinking "outside the box." They certainly came up with some good ideas and implementations with this computer.

After using this new computer for just a week, my old computer suddenly seems much slower and more unstable than I had realized before. I've even wondered, how did I manage to do (such and such) on here before? It doesn't seem like it would have been able to handle that... But somehow, I managed.

I always used to think that my previous computer was doing pretty good. It certainly was the most powerful PC I had ever had. But the iMac is different. It's as if I've discovered a new world of computing.

And it got me to thinking... Are we satisfied with the "PC" version of Christianity? Or are we willing to consider that maybe there's another kind of Christianity... the real kind? Christianity that can stand up to the world, and be unashamed of Christ... Christianity that's reliable, life-changing, and unlike anything else we've ever experienced...

Its only cost - complete surrender...

Oh, if only we wouldn't hold on to the things of this world... they're not worth it anyway... God has ever so much more that He wants to give us.