Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just an update...

The fire is out (and actually went out not too long after my first post) but it's still extremely dry. So dry, in fact, that the grass actually preserves our footsteps. It's unbelievable.

Even though the fire is out, we're not completely out of danger. It has been very still most of the time. The fire happened almost as soon as the wind picked up. It's still again now, but if it gets windy again it will be very dangerous.

Oklahoma broke the US record for the hottest average temperature for a single month. The average temperature in July was 89.1 degrees. The previous record stood at 88.9, in July 1954.

We need rain and cooler weather...

Friday, August 5, 2011


Apologies once again for not updating my blog very often... I'll try to do better.

But it's very, very dry right now. So dry that the ponds are running out of water, and fish are dying.

This afternoon, I noticed a whitish haze in the sky. I knew it couldn't be a cloud. At the same time, I caught a whiff of smoke. I suddenly was completely alert, and went to investigate. Turns out there's a fire about 20 miles southwest of us, coming towards us.

Five minutes after the first picture, another fire started next to the first.

We're not in imminent danger, but we'd certainly appreciate your prayers (and so would the people who live nearer to the blaze). It's tinder dry, baking hot, and windy. Not a good combination for firefighting... There's a river between us and the fire, and also a highway, but there's no telling what could happen under these circumstances...

We'll keep you updated!