Thursday, November 25, 2010


You can force a man to do a great many things. You can make him stand up or sit down. You can make him do work for you. You can use force to keep him from harming other people. You can even use force to make him do good things for other people, at his own expense.

But you can't force a man to be thankful. Gratitude has to come from the heart.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Delayed or postponed action.

(Note: I meant to put this up yesterday, but I didn't get time until today! :)

Sometimes we value that which we can gain in the short term more than that which we can gain in the long term. But is it really worth more?


Everything was going well for me. I was working on videos, composing a soundtrack for one of them, seemingly having plenty of time... Then, one morning, a reminder popped up on my computer – the day before a deadline. Instantly everything was chaos. School was left behind, and even guitar practice was shortened; preparing to register for the ACT (the deadline was the last day of registration) was top priority. I called the test center, and asked if they were offering the test at the next test date (in February) but as it turns out, they only do it once a year, in December. So I had to get this done in time, or else wait a year!

As things turned out, I did manage to get all my school papers together, and averaged the grades, so I could report my GPA on the registration forms. And I did finish the registration... 2 hours before sunset on Friday afternoon!

While I was working on finding papers, grading, and averaging my scores, I realized that the things which had been taking up my time now seemed worthless. My soundtrack could wait. The videos could be edited later. In the face of a deadline, these things seemed dull and unimportant. I valued taking the ACT far more than getting a perfect soundtrack for a video, yet I gave more priority to the soundtrack; until the time came to register.

This was just a test. If I make a poor score on the ACT, I have the option to take it again, and hopefully do better. But if I run my spiritual life that way, I am setting myself up for disaster. The ACT is just a way to assess academics. But when the time comes for my life to be “tested” by God's law, no amount of scrambling to get ready will remedy insufficient preparation.

I don't want to let anything get in the way of that preparation...